Collect 'Em All #25

Maurice Chevalier
(No. 10 in a series of 50 from Players Navy Cut Cigarettes)
"Maurice Chevalier was born on September 12th, 1889 in Menilmontant. His father died when he was eleven and after becoming carpenter's apprentice, electrician, printer and doll painter, he tried stage work. He won fame at the Folies-Bergere as Mistinguett's dancing partner. During the War he served in the army, and after the aristice made his London debut at the Palace Theatre. After appearing in New York he went to Hollywood and scored sensationally in Innocents of Paris. Among his latest talkies are The Way to Love and The Merry Widow."

They Were Collaborators #286

Buster Keaton and Cliff Edwards

The Art of Travel #4

Before and After #59:
Herbert Khaury (aka Tiny Tim)



The Art of Cinema #205

Odd Man Out
(Carol Reed; 1949)

Artists in Action #171

Charles Chaplin gets double-teamed

When Legends Gather #235

Alma Mahler, Don Ameche, Franz Werfel, Sam Wood and Claudette Colbert

They Were Collaborators #285

The Almanac Singers

E is for Eggleston #8

Two Girls (1974)

American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s #13

The Coon-Sanders' Original Nighthawks Orchestra

Yé-yé #4

Chantal Goya

When Legends Gather #234

Louis Prima, Milton Berle, Jerry Lewis and Little Jackie Heller

Friends and Family #5

Johnny Stompanato and Meyer Harris Cohen

This Week's Sargent #11

The Sitwell Family (1900)

Ancient Voices #14

Ed Bell

The Art of Cinema #204

(Joseph Losey; 1962)

Politicians in Action #12

Sen. Huey P. Long (D-LA) strides into the nation's capitol

Heroes of American Literature #14

Sherwood Anderson

Artists in Action #170

John Lee Hooker takes to the streets of Detroit

Woodcut Confidential! #5

Genji monogatari - Sakaki
(The Tale of Genji: Sakaki)
(Kunichika; 1884)

Before and After #58:
Agnes Moorehead



The Art of Socialism #4

Abolition of Child-Labor (1896)

Seminal Image #632

The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
(Martin Ritt; 1965)

Through the lens of Cyril Arapoff #1

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Brentford Lock, where the Grand Union Canal meets the River Thames; 1935.

Artists in Action #169

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Iggy drops in on the crowd at Soldier Field ; July 18th 1970

The Art of the London Underground #13

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Wild Flowers by Dora Batty; 1938

From the Sketch Book of Lawson Wood #8

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Captain of Country Fire Brigade (called out to subdue an outbreak in some
local hayricks, to over-zealous comrade) : "Not so fast, Jarge. Let 'um burn
up a bit first, so as 'ow we can see what we're a doin' of!".

They Were Collaborators #284

Anna Magnani and Tennessee Williams

The Art of Feminism #5

When Legends Gather #233

Jimmie Rodgers (aka The Singing Brakeman) and Will Rogers

The Art of Cinema #203

The Big Heat
(Fritz Lang; 1953)

Fun at Bohemian Grove #21

A group of Bohemians crowd around a painting (1926)

The Art of Pop #7

Calendar Girl
(Julie London)
(Liberty Records; 1956)

Artists in Action #168

Henry Mancini conducts

When Legends Gather #232

King Vidor, Eleanor Boardman, Norma Shearer, Irving Thalberg, Greta Garbo
and Victor Sjöström

Seminal Image #631

A Midsummer Night's Dream
(Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle; 1935)

They Were Collaborators #283

Lt. Col. Virgil I. Grissom, Lt. Col. Edward H. White II and Lt. Col. Roger B. Chaffee

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #35

Tricky prepares to throw a baseball (1969)

Before and After #57:
Theodore Dreiser



Great War Art #7

Freddie Francis dies at 89

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Obituary from The Guardian, here.

Poets are both clean and warm
And most are far above the norm
Whether here or on the roam
Have a poet in every home! #17

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John Betjeman attempts to hit a ball at Moor Park golf course in Middlesex for his 1973 BBC short film Metro-Land on the subject of the Northwestern London suburbs served by the Metropolitan Railway (now part of London Underground).

Seminal Image #630

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El Pisito
(Marco Ferreri; 1959)

They Were Collaborators #282

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The Troggs