Treading the Boards #28

stubby kaye and johnny silver
Stubby Kaye as Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Johnny Silver as Benny Southstreet in the 1953 production of Guys and Dolls.

Artists in Action #586

Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper goes Dada.

Faces of Science #27

M King Hubbert
M. King Hubbert.

Friends and Family #67

Original Caption:

Chicago -- Picked up after testifying at a Senate committee's hearing about alleged housing scandals, Luigi Fratto gestures as he is escorted by detectives Thomas Burns and Al Faro. Police reportedly wanted to question him about the recent gangland style slayings of Charles 'Cherry Nose' Gioe and Frank Maritote. Earlier, during the hearing, Fratto was reluctant to answer when asked if he had told the owners of a Des Moines, Iowa night club that he had bought a controlling interest from Gioe. Asked if he were invoking the Fifth Amendment, he replied, "This Amendment sounds bad, it's for Communists." (1954)

Seminal Image #1005

The Last Movie
(Dennis Hopper; 1971)

American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s #20

The Gage Brewer Orchestra

Dennis Hopper Dead at 74

Dennis Hopper

A pictoral obituary, a link to The Guardian's 'Dennis Hopper a life in pictures'

BBC obituary here.

They Were Collaborators

Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl
Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl

The City: Philadelphia #13

Original Caption:

Philadelphia -- Seven of the eight children of the stricken Michalinszyn family of Hays Borough, just outside of Pittsburgh in the homestead district, are shown looking out of the window of their home. Their father, Dimitro, a mill worker on his way to work early in the morning, carrying his lunch and a jar of coffee, was shot and killed instantly by J. P. Tobasco, a prohibition agent. Tobasco is being held without bail on a charge of murder. Michalinszyn's family consists of the mother and eight children. The one not shown in this photo is but a few months old. (1925)

F is for Frances McLaughlin-Gill #6

Model wearing cowled robe gown in velvet by Balenciaga, photographed in the Chateau de Versailles in France (1952)

Before and After #222: Jean-Luc Godard



The Golden Age of Publicity #33

barbara eden
Original Picture Title:

"Beautiful Tee Hostess"

Original Caption:

"Actress Barbara Eden, official hostess for the Los Angeles Open golf tournament, helps Junior Chamber of Commerce president Bob Meyer in selling tickets for the $44,500 links classic Jan. 8-11 at Rancho".

Artists in Action #585

Sabu gets his driver's license, and an official congratulations.

The Gunslinger Guide to Lee Garmes #1

from Since You Went Away
(John Cromwell; 1944)

Around the World with W. Robert Moore #2

Kaw women smoke pipes while carrying baskets of gourds full of water
(Burma, 1930)

Watts! #11

Vaudevillians #15

Blaine & Brown

Seminal Image #1004

(Henning Carlsen; 1966)

Annals of Crime #88

Original Caption:

Dedham -- Photo shows the riot squad of the Boston Police department guarding the Norfolk County courthouse at Dedham, Massachusetts, Saturday, during the hearing of a motion for a new trial for Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, the two Italian Communists found guilty last June of first degree murder, in connection with the shooting to death of a factory paymaster and guard robbed of $18,000. This case caused the attempt to bomb the American embassy in Paris last week, and Communist demonstrations all over Europe and South America. (1921)

This Sporting Life #20

fearsome foursome
The Los Angeles Rams' Fearsome Foursome: Lamar Lundy, Rosey Grier, Merlin Olsen and Deacon Jones.

They Were Weren't Collaborators #644

Jack Warner and Julie Andrews
An undoubtedly awkward moment as Jack Warner, holding Oscar for My Fair Lady, congratulates Julie Andrews, holding Oscar for My Fair Lady Mary Poppins.

Home Is Where The Heart Is #10

Sinatra's Buzzer
The unknown photographer tempts fate as he reaches for the buzzer at the Bowmont Dr entrance of Frank Sinatra's home in the 1960's.

Artists in Action #584

butterfly mcqueen
Butterfly McQueen takes a break on the set of Gone with the Wind.

Before the Age of Multiplexes #18

Majestic Theater 1964
The Majestic Theater, Santa Monica, CA, 1964.

When Legends Gather #595

Carol Channing
The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, meets the Queen of Broadway, Carol Channing.

The Future is Now #25

The Future is Now personal computer 1977
The Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) Home Computer, 1977.

In the Studio #52

eddie albert
Eddie Albert in the broadcast studio for CBS. No idea what he's saying though.

When Models Were Models #23

Paulene Stone

Self Portrait #14

Leonard Nimoy

The Art of Cinema #445

(David Lean; 1955)

When Legends Gather #594

allan carr and joe namath
Producer Allan Carr and quarterback actor Joe Namath take one last look at the camera before calling it a day.

Treading the Boards #27

Zero as Tevye
Zero Mostel as Tevye wishes he were a rich man in Fiddler on the Roof. Come Tony Award time, the matchmaker matched up Zero with his very own award for his performance.

Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #20

Today's Adventure: Shatner readies himself for the scene while holding out hope that the clapboard will wake up Nimoy.

This Sporting Life #19

Joe Louis and Josephine Baker
The Champ (Joe Louis) takes a break from sparring to meet with a fan, some gal named Josephine Baker.

Home Is Where The Heart Is #9

bogie and bacall
Bogie and Bacall spend a three dog night at home with their son Stephen.

Artists in Action #583

betty grable
Betty Grable signs autographs on the run.