Welcome to Show Business! #45

“Hendrix got into trouble with the law twice for riding in stolen cars. He was given a choice between spending two years in prison or joining the Army. Hendrix chose the latter and enlisted on May 31, 1961. After completing basic training at Fort Ord near Monterey in California, he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division and stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.”

Movie Directors and the Means of Production #20

Movie Director: Norm McLaren
Means: Camera, one frame at a time
Production: Neighbours (1952)

But Did You Read the Book? #7

The Wanders adapted for the screen in in 1979

The Heretofore Unmentioned #138

Georgia Moll

But Did You Read the Book? #6

A Clockwork Orange
(Anthony Burgess; 1962)

When Legends Gather #672

Jerry McGill, Glenn Campbell and Waylon Jennings, 1969.

The Frame Within the Frame #47

Le lit de la vierge
(The Virgin's Bed)
(Philippe Garrel; 1969)

The Gunslinger Guide to Julie Christie #43

This Week's Lichtenstein #21

The Ring (Engagement) (1962)

They Were Collaborators #739

Jean Renoir and Charles Laughton

In the Studio #87

Charlie Rich

The Art of the Panel: Robert Crumb #8

The news of the world, short form, as told by Robert Crumb...

But Did You Read the Book? #5

The Cross and the Switchblade adapted for the screen in 1970 (see the full movie here)

Movie Directors and the Means of Production #19

Movie Director: Federico Fellini
Means: Fists
Production: Amarcord (1973)

Seminal Image #1039

(Anthony Mann; 1947)

Mop Tops in Action #57

George is photographed holding John spellbound with a story about Milton Berle.

This is the City . . . #16

Sunset Blvd.

Artists and Animals #92

Tommy Dorsey takes three new Sax players through a chorus of 'Abba Dabba Honeymoon'

The Gunslinger Guide to Sophia Loren #23

They Were Collaborators #738

Charlie Parker and Red Rodney watching Dizzy Gillespie.

photograph by William Gottlieb, 1947.

Art of the Gig #29
Mop Tops in Action #56

One last (advertised) show, 46 years ago today.

But Did You Read the Book? #4

The Man Who Fell to Earth adapted for the screen in 1976

They Were Collaborators #737

Vincent Price and Alice Cooper.

When Legends Gather #671

Barbra Streisand, Merv Griffin and John F. Kennedy

Weekend #13

Out and About with . . . Stanley Kubrick! #3

Man adjusting his tie on the sidewalk (1946)

Artists in Action #665

Terry Southern holds up two fingers (steadily).

Twilight of the Dreamboats #48

Date and location unknown.

They Were Collaborators #736

Andre de Toth and Gary Cooper

The Gunslinger Guide to Anna Karina #3

Before and After #263: Peter Noone



The Art of Cinema #508

(Richard Lester; 1968)

Before and After #262: Neil Armstrong



Sex Education #172

Diana Rigg

When Legends Gather #670

Groucho Marx and Diana Ross

In the Studio #86

Jim Morrison

Norman Rockwell Saved from Drowning #36

Roadblock (1949)

Before and After #261: Poison Ivy Rorschach


Kristy Marlana Wallace aka Poison Ivy Rorschach; born February 20, 1953


Poison Ivy Rorschach, guitar goddess
and one of my favourite pictures of her...

They Were Collaborators #735

The Blue Devils Saxophone Section: Lester Young (center) with Theo Ross and Buster Smith in 1932.

Happy Birthday Prez.

They Were an Item #134
They Were Collaborators #734

George C. Scott and Colleen Dewhurst (on the set of The Crucible, 1967)

But Did You Read the Book? #3

Blackboard Jungle adapted for the screen in 1955

They Went and Made a Book Out of It #3

Billy Jack 

The Gunslinger Guide to Louise Brooks #2

Radio Free Gunslinger #12:
Hey, Kids! It's Gunslinger Dance Party Time!!

This edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is brought to you by Peppersound Studios.

The Content

First Sequence:
Joe Tex - Show Me
1910 Fruitgum Company - Soul Struttin'
Sam & Dave - I Take What I Want
The Clique - Judy, Judy, Judy
Johnnie Taylor - Take Care of Your Homework

Second Sequence:
Fatboy Slim - Soul Surfin'
Big Audio Dynamite - In My Dreams
The Beastie Boys - Body Movin'
The Chemical Brothers - Galaxy Bounce
Björk - Army of Me

Third Sequence:
Disco Tex & The Sex-o-lettes - Get Dancin'
Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free
Shirley & Company - Shame, Shame, Shame
Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music
Andrea True Connection - More, More, More, Pt. 1

Fourth Sequence:
The Wailers - Mashi
Soul Survival - Soul Soup
The Small Faces - Grow Your Own
The Second Thought - Sling Shot
The Mighty Imperials - Thunder Chicken

An der schönen blauen Donau, Op. 314 - Johann Strauss
(Berliner Philharmoniker; Herbert von Karajan, cond.)

They Were Collaborators #733

Joan Collins and Jayne Mansfield do some last minute primping before hopping aboard The Wayward Bus.

The Art of Songwriting #25

I Love You
(Lyrics and Music by Harold de Ruffe)
(Metropolitan Music Publishing Corporation; 1919)

Not to be confused with La Swanson's later musical number, I Love You So Much I Hate You.

Artists in Action #664

Glenn Gould broadens his career prospects.