When Legends Gather #865

Ralph Edwards, Spike Jones and Billy Barty

Welcome to Show Business! #80

Original Caption:

Hollywood -- Patty McCormack. Age: 22. Hair: Blonde. Face: Pretty. Occupation: Actress. Employment: Scarce. But it was only 11 years ago that Patty, with the Dutch boy haircut (notshown), won an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress for her role as a very bad girl in "The Bad Seed". Patty hopes to make her comeback at the tender age of 22 to lose that washed up feeling. (1968)

The City: Houston #10

Original Caption:

Scoring on the Green

Houston -- Masters Golf champ Jack Burke sinks a "sold" sign in the lawn of a Houston house he's selling to Mr. and Mrs. Webb Melder. Burke and fellow golfer Jimmy Demaret are partners in a Houston real estate firm, to which Burke plans to devote most of his time. Though only 33 and with his first big title just won, Burke is going into semi-retirement from the links. He says he'll play just enough to keep up his game for the big tournaments, spending his time at the business and with his family. (1956)

Aftermath: Japan #18

Original Caption:

Tokyo -- Japanese went to the polls in their National Election and here are some of them casting their ballots in Tokyo. Women who never knew what it was to have a voice in their nation's affairs until the American occupation are shown at one of the polling stations. Note that they wear the native wooden shoes, the prototype of the now Occidentally fashionable platform shoes. The pro-American Liberal Party of Premier Yoshida Shigeru retained power. The Communists took a bad shellacking, failing to win a single seat in the Diet. In the last Diet the Red Party had 22 representatives. (1952)

Divorce Court Confidential! #3

Original Caption:

Los Angeles -- Smartly garbed in a black coat trimmed with white ermine, and wearing a black and silver toque, Mrs. Lita Chaplin took the stand in Superior Court in Los Angeles the other day, and testified that her total household expenses for April amounted to approximately $3,300, and said this amount was necessary to keep her and their two children in the fashion in which they were accustomed to live. Judge Walter Guerin is on the bench. (1927)

Adventures in the Cold War #15

Today's Adventure:
Original Caption:

Mini-Cameras In Moscow Spy Trial.

Moscow -- Three miniature cameras, micro films, and a cigarette packet used to hide the films -- these were some of the things, claim Russian authorities, that were taken from Soviet scientific worker Oleg Penkovsky. Another picture issued by the Russians showed a transistor radio which they claim was used by Penkovsky to "receive instructions" from U.S. and British Intelligence Headquarters. Penkovsky went on trial in Moscow today charged jointly with spying with British businessman Greville Wynne 42. Both pleaded guilty at the opening of the trial. (1963)

Seminal Images #1122

(Atom Egoyan; 1994)

Adventures of The People's Temple #2

Congregants board the Temple's Greyhound buses ready to spread the good word of Father up and down the California coastline.

Lumpendivinity #1

Zasu: All mien, a droopy bouquet self-sufficient in its droopiness, redolent of specific flowers. And yet, this lily of the valley knows it’s been brutally transplanted. Some actors do that, even if unconsciously – embody perfumed there-and-not-there presence, in this case a position within the general mayhem of pre-Code programmers that… yields. Gives way. There’s no sense of tragedy in her exodus from the exalted Silents to All Talking Pictures, not a hint of loss in fact. Decaying sweetness comes with the schtick. At once defining and escaping capital “K” kitsch, the Great Zasu’s trembling trademark vocalizations seem made for the coarsest ballyhoo, because, after all, doormats were suddenly IN! She evokes prettiness more than being pretty, suggests, with her outsized peepers and alabaster skin, Victorian ideas of purity so that her perennial status as a discarded, worn-out broom never fully takes hold – a kind of victory? Today’s Depression Lesson comes to you in a one-liner about the stars of early talkies… They weren’t necessarily pretty.

Truck-faced tootsie, Wynne Gibson…

Squint-savant, Ned Sparks…

Psychotic kewpie, James Cagney…

And, yes, anemic witch…

It sounds incantatory, like the last word of a spell.


Yoks, Gags, Horse-Laughs and Shenanigans #7

Watts! #34

Annals of Crime #127

Original Caption:

Miami -- Convicted murderer Theodore Bundy made this reaction after the judge left the courtroom following a jury recommendation that he die in the electric chair. The jury had earlier found Bundy guilty of murdering two Chi Omega sorority sisters. (1979)

B is for Beaton #43

Barbara Streisand

Artists in Action #875

Johnny Cash waits

The Heretofore Unmentioned #196

Phineas Taylor Barnum

The Passion of Minoru Yamasaki #1

S is for Steichen #21

Morgan Farley as Clyde Griffiths in An American Tragedy by Theodore Drieser (1926)

Men of God #27

Óscar Romero

The Art of War #72

Action, Now! #20

Original Caption:

New York -- Brooklyn College student struggles with the police after her arrest as anti-war demonstrators tried to break up the recruiting efforts of two U.S. Navy officers. Student demonstrators had tried to set up a table of their own near the officers. (1967)

The Art of the French Postcard #12

Adventures of The People's Temple #1

Today's Adventure: Father's sermon is really killing it.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn #6

Original Caption:

Brooklyn -- Hand-in-hand a couple skates. Michael Anastasic and Patricia Kiecka sail down a Brooklyn street on their skateboards as milder temperatures begin to replace a fierce, snowy winter. (1977)

In the Studio #161

Mel Torme and Marty Paich

Seminal Image #1121

(John Cassavetes; 1968)

Friends and Family #73

Original Caption:

New York -- Four Italian-Americans join the nightly picket line at the Manhattan FBI headquarters, organized in part by alleged Mafia overlord Joseph Colombo. One sign refers to Ralph Salerno, a writer and Mafia expert. (1970)

Great Con Artists of the 20th Century #23

Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton Szandor LaVey)